Zimbabwean English

Modeled on PCSO Matt Katsande & Sergeant Ronnie Lungu – Wiltshire Police

Matt Katsande

Ronnie Lungu

TRAP ɛ/a

This can be quite variable,  and I haven’t really worked out the system. As far as I can determine, TRAP words can be realized with either ɛ or a  . BATH words however seem to follow the RP pattern of /ɑ/.

I’ve got an action packed day for you


The  FACE and DRESS categories tend to merge, with realizacan In tandem with the previous 

Ladies and gentlemen  thank youfor making the effort to attend our second Black Police Association Southwest and Wales Regional Conference twenty eighteen.


FOOT words tend to be pronounced closer to the /u/ of GOOSE.

Who not only understood diversity, but took it upon himself to do something about it, pulling you all together today to come and look into things, but do something.


In the same way, KIT and FLEECE tend to cluster around /i/

Especially if you bring up cheese and coffee for you to mingle and socialize. Make good use of that


The vowels of LOT, CLOTH, THOUGHT, GOAT, and even NORTH, merge  into a monophthongal, lowered /o/

It’s one of those topics…if you talk about it, you have been positive….from Slate and Gordon, my sponsors, for their support. Our theme this year is “open doors”. Keep those doors open for those conversations to move forward.


This accent is completely non-rhotic. This is the same as London, but quite different from Barbados.

Especially interesting is the realization of NURSE

The first black police officer was recruited eighteen thirty seven. I’m going to be working with care. The other person I need to thank is from Slate and Gordon my sponsors for their support. Partners from nationwide. Great speakers. Great workshop.  and I’ve got those speakers, those words, and a great working relationship.