An Australian Accent



An Australian voice and speech teacher once said to me, “My students have such a hard time achieving the muscularity of an American accent!” I was totally discombobulated by this statement because she spoke it in her won Australian accent, which seemed tremendously muscular. All this means that our perceptions of an accent’s posture is always in relation to our own, and what seems perfectly relaxed and “neutral” to us in our own speech might seem extreme to someone else.

Australian accents are often describes as marked by a closed jaw.

Lip corners may protrude more than in many American accents, and on different phonemes than we may be used to.

Although some vowels might be realized further back on the vowel chart, there is also a strong tendency toward tongue root advancement.





Australian accents are Non-Rhotic, meaning that the phoneme /r/ is not pronounced when it follows a vowel in the same syllable.

SQUARE    →   skwɛ̝ː                     

It’s got a bit of an Upstairs Downstairs vibe, because there’s the like deckhand crew, and then there’s …where he’s built areas from a certain area — era and that they haven’t spared any expense. Yeah this didn’t …uh it didn’t leave me with a feeling of despair.

Upstairs Downstairs there’s where areas spared despair.

NEAR      →   ni̽ː   ni̽.ɜ                 

Possibly my fears might have been magnified by the fact that we could hear the roaring, like on a clear night. So, her experience of her husband of many years, has been in the U.S. for a number of years and he’s gone ahead and made this great career in the U.S.
SLOW: fears hear clear experience years, years career

START                    →   sta̠ːʔ                       

If you are one of these Art students that sits there just learning a very nerdy martial art: Who’s a Marxist?
are Art martial art Marxist

NORTH                 →   noːθ                       

I mean it won some awards and things, and also Susie Porter was in it. The poor old Ferrones. We make them run a corner shop…or, before the house was there, according to him, he was once escorted off the set. We could hear the roaring.

lettER                      →   ˈɫɛ̝t̬ɜ  ˈɫɛ̝t̬ə               

NURSE                   →   nɘ̹ːs   nɵ̟ːs             


THOUGHT          →   θo̞̹ːʔ                        

LOT/CLOTH       →   ɫɒʔ                          

GOOSE                 →   ɡɘ̯ʉs                       

FLEECE                  →   fɫɘ̯is                       

KIT                           →   ki̽ʔ                          

DRESS                   →   dɹɛ̝s                        

TRAP                       →   tɹ̈æp                       

TRAM                     →   tɹ̈æ̃m                     

BATH                      →   bæθ   ̴ bäθ             


GOAT                     →   ɜ̹ɨ̹̯                            

GOAL                     →   ɐɤ̯̽                           

FACE                      →   æɪ̯                           

MOUTH                →   æ̃ɵ̜̯̆                          

PRICE                     →   pɹ̈ɒe̯s                     


Consonant /r/   →   ˈɹ̈ɐnə                      

Linking /r/            →   ˈdɪnə ɹ̈ɪz ɐp           

Intrusive /r/        →   ˈdɒnə ɹ̈ɪz ɐp     

Prevocalic and
Postvocalic /l/   →   tɛ̝ɫ    ɫɛ̝t                  

Intervocalic /t/         →     ˈɫɛ̝t̬ə

Final plosives      →   ɫɒʔ