Travel to London

Train to London from Swindon

Christopher finds the Swindon station at Signal Point

He takes the Great Western Railway Main Line to Paddington 

Nigel mentions that the first stop after Swindon is Didcot Parkway


At Paddington, signs indicate possible exits and transfers:

Stationlink                A now defunct bus connecting rail stations

Heathrow Express              An express train connecting Heathrow Airport to Paddington

Eastbourne Terrace            The road alongside the south-west side of the main line station

Praed Street                         The street where Paddington Station is located

Christopher gets information on how to get to Willesden. He can take the Bakerloo Line to Willesden Junction or the Jubilee to Willesden Green.

 “Ed” refers to a “red line” but he isn’t referring to the Jubilee Line which he also mentions. The Jubilee is silver.

Getting to the Jubilee Line would mean getting another train east to Baker Street and then transferring to the Jubilee, so Christopher chooses the Bakerloo line and passes these stations to Willesden Junction:

He still has a long walk left after getting off at Willesden Junction (35 minutes) , and he would have had less walking if he had made his way to the Jubilee, and Willesden Green. Better yet, if he had gone one stop further on the Jubilee, he could have gotten off at Dollis Hill and he’d have had a one minute walk to 451c Chapter Road, London NW2 5NG.

Videos of parts of the journey

Great Western Railway to London getting the train at Swindon Station:

Getting off the GWR at Paddington station

Paddington Bear at Paddington station

the Bakerloo Journey in reverse: